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To properly run the hack, follow the instructions and steps.

➤Download VC_Redist and install
Download Link:

➤Disable Windows Defender in Windows Settings First
➤Download defender controller 2.0 and click disable
Download Link:

➤Download windows update blocker and click disable update
Download Link:
DELETE Antivirus, Faceit, ESEA, Riot, Vanguard or any other anticheat.
* Delete all antivirus installed
* Press windows key and search Faceit/ESEA/Riot/Vanguard and uninstall them.
* Note that if you are playing Valorant then you can leave Vanguard.
DISABLE real time protection, app & browser, fastboot, exploit protection, all FireWall Options, secure boot (from bios, if you are unable to do so delete key management)
* press windows key and search for windows security.
* to disable app & browser, go to app & browser control and disable all
* at the end of app and browser control you will see exploit protection. click that and put all "off by deafault"
* to disable fast boot, go to control panel - hardware and sound - power options - choose what the power button do, below shutdown settings you will see fast startup and uncheck it
Disable all overlays such as Discord, Geforce, AMD, Game-bar etc.
- Please make the game windowed/boarderless first then restart.

- Run loader as admin, paste the key and login.
- Dont press anything until it says "press any key to continue", then after open game.

- Once in the main menu, go to the loader and press space bar 1time only, wait 30sec.
- Then go back to the game, menu should automatically appear. if not press INSERT.
- Do not close any window from the loader and if you have issues crashing, put ".json" file and place it on C drive or inside the same folder as the loader.