Setting Up Splitgate Army Hack

!!!    Important: If you are using cheats For the first time, YOU HAVE TO Read And Follow this Article: Click here     !!!
The first thing we got to do is to generate your unique build. Each key will generate a different executable, meaning that it cannot be traded once used.
—->To do this, go to this page:

Then, paste your serial key and click "Authenticate" and to start downloading the loader, click "Launch"

Note: The spoofer is still in beta testing. Use it at your own risk.
It is recommended to choose "No Spoofer"
The loader will start downloading and once done, run the executable as an administrator

The loader will start and after few seconds it will ask you to press "Space" button.

The injection will begin. Wait few seconds until you see a new window "Please close this windows, close the web launcher and launch the game". Press Ok and proceed with the next step.
Launch the game in BORDERLESS MODE!!!, and once you are in the game lobby you should be able to see the menu on the left side of your screen. Use "Insert" button to show/hide the menu and click with your mouse to enable/disable the options.

Login again with your credentials (after 5 minutes passed)
*Another window will be displayed to you now, enlarge the Warzone section and select the Instant Hook. Finally click on Load to begin the injection. Once completed this window will be self closed.
Open Modern Warfare IN FULLSCREEN MODE and go to any game mode (suggested vs Bots the first time) and configure the menu to your liking. To Open / close the menu use the button INSERT. Interact with the options by clicking on them.

Note: The cheat won't show in the lobby, you have to join a game.