Setting Up PUBG Syndi Hack

!!!    Important: If you are using cheats For the first time, YOU HAVE TO Read And Follow this Article: Click here     !!!
Run the Loader as an administrator.
Enter your license key and click Authorize.

A new windows will appear showing your time left, spoofer option and Inject button. Please check the picture example. Press Inject and wait until the loader close by itself.

For the first time users, the loader will request to restart your pc to install the driver, click close and your PC will restart after 1min.
Once you are back, Redo same steps, Click Inject and wait for the loader to close.

Once the loader closes, you will hear a beep sound. Now open the game PUBG.

The loader will make a second beep sound once he find the game process.
Once inside the game, wait in the lobby for about 40 seconds and once you hear a third beep sound, press the button 'Insert' and the menu should pop up.
Launch the game and join a match. This hack has no in-game menu. All the features are enabled by default.