Setting Up Overwatch Neon Hack

!!!    Important: If you are using cheats For the first time, YOU HAVE TO Read And Follow this Article: Click here     !!!
The first thing we got to do is to generate our unique build. Each key will generate a different executable, meaning that it cannot be traded once used.
—->To do this, go to this page:
*Type the key you have received from the shop at the empty case, then press Submit
*It will take a few minutes (up to 3) to generate your own dedicated build. Please be patient and do not close the browser.
*Finally, once the build has been generated, it will download the loader for you (in your download folder or request you to save a location).
Do not open your build yet!! Proceed to the next step.
With the build downloaded, now open the game from Battle net.

*Once you reach the lobby. Be sure that your game is in effect in borderless mode.

Open the build generated from the website as administrator.

*Go back to your game and if everything worked properly, it will request you to do a simple click (while being at the game lobby)
*Go to the training area to apply the changes you desire.
Keep in mind few things:
1- You cannot use Aimbot and flick mode at the same time.
2- The menu is shown while you press the button ESCAPE and not while you are playing. (There is no open/close menu, the menu will enable when you press escape). Operate with the menu options by clicking on them or adding numerical values (10,100, 4.5, 200 etc)
3- If you want to assign a new “aim key” be sure to keep click at the hotkey button then HOLD the new assigned button so it registers properly.
4- If by any reason you are aiming at friendly targets press the BUTTON F12 TO AIM BACK TO ENEMIES!
Make sure Origin overlay is disabled:

GO to Game Libray , Select Apex and click on Settings.

Click on Game properties and disable the origin Overlay for apex here. Finally save the changes.
Open Apex legends now and if everything worked as intended, once you open the game (in window or borderless mode) the cheat will become visible by using the Button INSERT (Use it to open/close the menu). Operate with the menu using the options and clicking on them to enable/disable.