Setting Up Overwatch Artemis Hack

!!!    Important: If you are using cheats For the first time, YOU HAVE TO Read And Follow this Article: Click here     !!!
Artemis Does Require Your Secure Boot Disabled To Properly Work.
A good way to know it is disabled is by opening the command line “cmd” by using the windows searcher and opening it as administrator. Once opened write the following lines.


Once opened write : bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF. In case you do receive the message: “The operation completed successfully”, it means your secure boot is already disabled, on the other hand in case you do receive a message that it is protected by the secure boot protocol, first you will have to disable the secure boot it in your BIOS. –> GUIDE
The first thing we got to do is to login through our Blizzard account and have a registered copy of Overwatch. In case you don’t have one account, create it.
Open Artemis Launcher as an administrator
The first time you open the Loader you will have to register an account. Click on Create new account for Maveable Network.

Fill the form that appears from a new window and make sure to keep your credentials saved as this process can only be done once per device. The account will be bound to the machine and only 3 HWID resets are allowed per account. Also, you cannot create a new account from the same device.
Keep that in mind and operate wisely on this step. Once it’s done click on Register.
Log in with your recently created credentials.The main loader should then appear displaying your username, e-mail as well as the activation tab. Click on it. First part:

*In my case it has been delivered like this:
A confirmation window should appear, from here we can turn back to the main login and use our recently created credentials but before Confirm your registration. You receive an email to the registered account.

After clicking the Activation tab look on the left side and click the Overwatch game. Paste the serial key obtained from selly inside the empty case and then press “Check the License information”. This feature will display the remaining time and key type you’re using. Finally, click on Activate to start using that key code. Second Part:
*Make sure to open the game once this label is visible to you!

*An unique generated build for you will be created. This unique system will prevent any type of cheat related bans.

The expiration time should be displayed. At this point, the LOAD tab should be enabled. Press the button LOAD located down below and wait for the next label to appear.
Note: In case you suffer from FPS drop while playing, do activate the Enable Vsync option to match the cheat with your monitor refreshing rate.
Make sure that your game is running in borderless mode or window mode by using the game options. For this example, I have set my game in borderless mode and 1920×1080 resolution.

Open the Blizzard Agent, Select Overwatch and the region you are going to be using the cheat and click on Play.
The cheat will ask you to select the desired Language (English, Chinese or Korean) and once is chosen, the menu will automatically be loaded on the right side of the screen. To operate, select an Interface key, in my case I have set it to HOME (To open close the menu).The Entity toogle set to F12 (switch between enemies and friendly targets) END button to fully close the menu in case you wanna stop the cheat working (You will have to load the cheat again). Some other keys I have put are ESP- F1 and Aimbot to F2. Menu Loaded ingame:

Example of Game Languages:
n order to continue with the injection once you have opened the game, press 2 times the left mouse click in order to inject the cheat into Overwatch, like shown