Setting Up Apex Forest Hack

!!!    Important: If you are using cheats For the first time, YOU HAVE TO Read And Follow this Article: Click here     !!!
Must read: Before you begin with the steps, You have to know that there are no HWID resets possible for this product. If you use a spoofer, be sure to apply it after having injected the cheat. We will not replace or accept any objection if you do not read this.

1. Extract the files and open the Forest loader as an administrator.
A new window will be shown, from here paste the serial key from the shop and press enter. wait for a few seconds until your key is confirmed.

*The loader will request you to open it again.

*Open the loader one more time and a new message will become visible. After that, this window will self close. Proceed to open Apex after this point.
Open the game. There is no menu for this product so just proceed to search for a match. Once you leave the dropship the chams will become visible to you.
The injection will begin. Wait few seconds until you see a new window "Please close this windows, close the web launcher and launch the game". Press Ok and proceed with the next step.
Launch the game and join a match. This hack has no in-game menu. All the features are enabled by default.