Alnexcheats re-debuted 🥳🎉. We provide undetected hacks since 2019.
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System Requirements and Information

Supported CPU  Intel, AMD
Supported OS  Windows 10 - Windows 11

How to check my OS version?

On the search bar, type "Winver" to check your Windows version.


1 day

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30 days

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ESP (Visuals)

See players character, information, loot etc. through walls.

Show (Players, Cops, Civil)
Bounding Box
Enemy Info (Name, Distance, Health, Weapon)
5 ESP Icons


Automatically aim at your enemies.

Auto Aim ( OnPress / Full )Auto Fire
Bone Aim ( Head / Body / Any )
Smooth Aim (Humanized)
Aim Angle
Fire Delay
Trigger Bot ( OnPress / Full )

Misc (Special options)

Miscellaneous features and exploits.

No Recoil
No Spread
God Mode
Infinite Ammo
Uber (Damage, Infact)
Never Wanted
No Reload
2D & 3D Radar