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FIFA 23 FUT Hack

System Requirements and Information

Supported CPU  Intel , AMD
Supported OS  Windows 10 & 11 (Not working with Windows 11 ver 22621)

How to check my OS version?

On the search bar, type "Winver" to check your Windows version.


1 day

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7 days

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30 days

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ESP (Visuals)

See players character, information, loot etc. through walls.

Green Time Finishing
Players link: full chemistry
Division Rivals next opponent info (club rating & chemistry)
5 stars skill moves
5 stars weak foot
5 stars weak foot


Automatically aim at your enemies.

Edit player chemistry style
Edit player work rate for ATT & DEF
Edit player position
Edit player preferred foot
Save/Load players config
Ai vs Online opponent
Anti AFK

Misc (Special options)

Miscellaneous features and exploits.

Pro Clubs and Season: 99 Skills (PC need be captain)
Pro Clubs: Unlimited skill points
Pro Clubs: Reset skill points
Squad Battles: 2x match time
Squad Battles: Freeze ball
Squad Battles: AI Difficulty change
Legacy Defending