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Frequently Asked Questions

commonly asked questions about our service. 


How do I know this is not scam?

We have been serving many users in the game hacking field for a considerable amount of time. Please feel free to join our discord server to chat with us or contact us via the chat box if you have any questions or concern.

Who are we?

We are a group of friends that have got into the cheating scene for quite a while, and we currently work with multiple professional developers to bring you the greatest hacks at the most competitive prices.


Is the hack working right now?

On the home page, next to each hack, there is a status circle. Green color denotes an online, undetected hack. And red color means it's down, updating, or detected.

How long will it take to set it up?

Our instructions are straightforward and simple to follow. You can look at the website's How to Use page. We estimate that you will be ready to play in 5–10 minutes if you fully follow all instructions.

How do I purchase?

We have categories for all games and hacks on the home page. Select your desired cheat , then go to the hack page and choose the key duration to make a payment.

I purchased, what do I do now?

Check the first time customer guide: click here

How long does it take to receive my key?

You will usually receive your key right away upon your purchase. If for any reason you don't received your key right away, please open a support ticket on discord or website's chat box.

Where can I download the loader?

The download link and your license key will be sent to you via email once you make a purchase. On the checkout page, double-check that you typed the email correctly.

When does my time start?

Your time does not start until you enter your license key into the loader. Once entered the timer will be activated.


Can I use any other OS besides Windows?

No. We do not, or will ever, support any other Operating System besides Windows.
Make sure you check the system requirements of any hack before purchasing.

Can my PC run the hack?

The system requirements for each hack we provide vary, so be sure to review them on the hack page.

The product does not work, what can I do?

If you meet the system requirements and follow all of the instructions as described in the guide you shouldn't have any issues running our cheats.

But if you need further support you can always contact us on discord or via the website's chat box.


What payment options can I use?

Our only supported payment options are Bitcoin and Credit Card (Visa, Master Card, Amex, Google Pay) via Stripe. We use Sellix to process payments.

How to buy Bitcoins?

Recommended Popular CryptoCurrencies wallet:
- for Windows / MacOS / Phone App Wallet
- for Windows / MacOS / Phone App
- for online web-based wallet
you can create the wallet in under 3 minutes, both required you nothing unlike some other wallets, they have no minimum sending limit, customizable transaction fees.

Can I pay with PayPal?

We've been trying to set up smooth functioning of PayPal for a long time, but unfortunately didn't manage to do it, too many issues there.
But in some cases we can accept direct payments, contact us via discord or live chat.

I paid with BTC but I haven't received the purchased item yet.

If you paid via Bitcoin you should wait untill 1 confirmation. The confirmations speed is depending on the network fees you paid
it will take at least 10-15 minutes, sometimes it could take up to 1 hour. We cannot speed up this process as we don't have control to it. Then  the product will be delivered to your spam/all mails/every other section. If still nothing please contact us with your order id.